Life as a Female Escort in Las Vegas

Life as a Female Escort in Las Vegas

When you ask people about the most happening place all around the world, they mostly will have one answer, Las Vegas. Yes, that’s right. The city of party is home to a lot of activities and casinos which forms a part of the town. One major part of these activities is the profession of escorting. People come to this city with the idea of having fun are bound to cross paths with at least one of these escorts. So what exactly is their life like? To clarify such statements and more, we have complete information about the life of a female escort in Las Vegas.

1. Not Just Sex

Most of the escorts in the city reveal how their jobs are a lot different from other jobs such as prostitution or stripping. In the case of prostitution, female sex workers can leave the moment they are done offering their services. But for escorts, the job description is quite different. They tend to sell their time to clients, which means that they can do anything in these hours, keeping in mind the rules and regulations of the agency. So apart from sex, you can find female escorts going on dates, events and walks with their clients based on their demands.

2. A life of Loneliness

Escorts are individuals who are crowded with client requests, especially in a busy city like Las Vegas. But all that apart, escorts are actually individuals who are lonely both inside and outside. Due to the demands of their job, it is quite hard for them to make friends. They do not talk to their peers due to the effects of competition and do not maintain relationships with their clients due to their profession. So with all this in mind, female escorts do not have the required company during moments when they need it the most. Drug addiction and alcoholism are on the rise among escorts due to such reasons.

3. Updated Rules and Regulations

Unlike the olden days, the profession of escorting has been given the legal window. This has brought into effect a lot of precautions which escorts and brothels need to follow. For example, such norms have brought in the act of testing in brothels. Escorts have to go through mandatory STD screens on a weekly basis in order to keep their health intact. Apart from that, clients and escorts are not allowed to use electronic devices inside brothels for the purpose of capturing images, as everyone’s face needs to be a private affair. Along with that, brothels nowadays tend to remove escorts who use drugs and only allows clients to have sex once they use protection.

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